Male Mentoring

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Who We Are:

The Young Lions mentoring program is designed to enrich the lives of young boys in the Baton Rouge community through the interpersonal connection of mentorship. Our purpose is to shape young men into followers of Christ and leaders of their families and communities.  The goal is to teach boys what it means to be men; spiritually, culturally, and physically.  These three dimensions of self will be explored thoroughly to infuse the boys with a strong self-image and positive self-esteem by knowing who they are in Christ.

The Young Lions mentoring program is for young boys ages 8-16.    Bold Brothers (a team of Men with a heart after Christ and dedicated to depositing examples of how to be a Man of God into the lives of Generation Next) serve as mentors to the Young Lions.

How to Get Involved:

The Young Lions open enrollment dates are August 1st – August 31st. If you are interested in joining the Young Lions mentoring program or serving as a mentor, please contact Jason Thrower at (225) 925-3133 or .  We look forward to hearing from you!