Family Builders

Who We Are:

Family Builders is a Kingdom Expansion team whose purpose is to transform our communities in God-pleasing ways by strengthening families through effective mentoring relationships. Family Builders would like to strengthen families by providing one-on-one relationships and workshops for single parents, married couples, with or without children. Our relationships are designed to be confidential and supporting for members of the Star Hill family and the surrounding community.

Benefits: Positive affirmation and support, help in coping with difficult circumstances, exposure to a new world of information, community resources, and opportunities, improved relationships with family and friends, fun-with new experiences, new activities, and new friend(s).

Some workshops topics are:

Effective Parenting 

Financial Peace

Conflict Resolution

Effective Goal Setting

Growing in faith as a family 

Managing Effective Relationships  

Overcoming Past Hurt and Grief 


How to Get Involved:

If you are interested in learning more about Family Builders or to join this Kingdom Expansion team contact Carolyn McKnight Fredd  at (225) 925-3133 or via email at