Welcome Ambassadors

Who We Are:

The Star Hill Welcome Ambassadors ministry is blessed to have the first opportunity to welcome worshipers to the edifice.  It is said, “An opportunity to make a good impression happens only once”.  The Welcome Ambassadors ministry is well aware of this and makes every effort to allow God to use us to service others.  It is our desire to allow the smiles on our face to reflect His presence.  We use our voice in a tone to let others know how blessed we are and our friendly handshake gives a touch to warm the hearts of everyone as they come.  This ministry realizes how good God is and how abundantly blessed we are to stand at the door and make the first attempt to minister to others.

How to Get Involved:

The Welcome Ambassadors ministry is always seeking and training  new servants to join us. We are assigned a Sunday of duty and alternate each celebration service  monthly.  The ministry has no restriction on age and  we are family oriented and therefore uses the talents  of our youth, young adult and mature servants and  all others gifted in this area of expertise. For more  information, contact Carol Parker at (225)  925-3133 or welcomeambassadors@starhillchurch.org .