Getting involved…

Audio/Visual Recording Production Team
This talented team consist of audio/visual recorders and editors who record and publish each celebration message for in-house purchase, web podcast download and live video streaming. To become involved, contact Eric Coleman at (225) 925-3133 or via email at

Graphics & Visual Media Team
This team consist of graphic artists who are responsible for the design and production of images used on the worship screens, in addition to other forms of visual aids. To become involved, contact Charlette Byrd-Minor at  (225) 925-3133 or via e-mail at

Star Hill Online Team (Website development)
This team of programmers, graphic artists and editors work together to further develop and maintain our ever evolving Star Hill presence on the world wide web. To become involved, contact Tammy A. Hall at (225) 925-3133 or via e-mail at

Photography Team
This is group of photographers services all ministries within the church by capturing special moments we have shared during worship and community engagements. To become involved, contact Henry Morrisey at (225) 925-3133 or via e-mail at