Who We Are

Our purpose at Star Hill is to use our God-given resources to join God in transforming our community in God-directed ways.
Our vision is to be a fellowship of kingdom-minded believers who love, know and obey God in such a way that we recognize, adjust and join him in accomplishing his purposes.

Our Values

We believe all believers should:

Kingdom Expansion

"Kingdom Expansion" is the term we use to describe the way in which we live out our purpose and vision at Star Hill.  It is through Kingdom Expansion that we are organized and actively using our God-given resources to transform our communities in God pleasing ways. Organized - occurs as we come together in small groups and have conversations among ourselves and with neighbors to identify and focus on issues impacting neighborhoods  around us. Actively using our God-given resources - occurs as we take action intended to make a measurable difference in the communities around us utilizing our spiritual gifts, time, talents and treasure to focus on issues identified by each group.

It is our vision and belief that everyone who is a part of the Star Hill family should be involved in a Kingdom Expansion group.  Our goal is to touch people where they live and walk with them in the issues that affect their lives.

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